YoYoJam DarkMagic
Buddha's Revenge
Start with a Breakaway.
This is called a One And A Half Mount. As you will see it is what it says, not quite a Double or Nothing. What you do is allow the yo-yo to swing around your non-throwhand pointer only once and then it bring it around and under your throwhand pointer. Again it helps to bring the yo-yo as close to the string as possible.
  Swing the yo-yo completely over your throwhand and ending on the opposite side of your non-throwhand.
  Bring your non-throwhand underneath the yo-yo causing it to land on the string in the middle of your two hands.
  Use your throwhand to land the yo-yo back on the string so it is back into a One And A Half Mount.
  After repeating steps 3,4, and 5 you are going to let the yo-yo roll out from your throwhand and finally land it into a Trapeze. I ended in a Ferris Wheel Dismount.

Download Video (Right Click-Save Target As)