YoYoJam DarkMagic
How To Grind
Note: Start by learning Throwhand Grind to help get the feel for controlling the yo-yo.
Throw a strong Breakaway. A strong throw is key to Grinding. The stronger you throw the longer you will be able to control the yo-yo on your body. To start a basic grind, begin by popping the yo-yo into the air.
Use your throwhand pointer finger to help direct where to catch the yo-yo. Point the index finger towards the gap and make a quick motion towards the yo-yo to catch on your arm. Note the angle of the arm is initially a little steeper and slowly comes down to control the yo-yo up the arm. Practice pushing the arm in towards the yo-yo to gain more control.
  To end either pop or draw back down onto the string and recall to the hand.

Download Video (Right Click-Save Target As)