YoYoJam DarkMagic
McBride Roller Coaster
Start with a Breakaway but continue swinging it around one full time in front of your body, also known as a World Tour. (Like a sideways around the world.) Finally land it into a One And A Half Mount as in Buddha's Revenge.
Swing all the way out of it around back into a Trapeze and his Brother as in Rewind.(Bounce the yo-yo off the string and land backwards on your throwhand pointer finger. In order to do this you will have to stick out your thumb or middle finger of your non-throwhand to grab the string.)
  Swing that off the string all the way back into a Double or Nothing.
  Drop the string off your throwhand pointer finger and roll back into Trapeze.
  Take your throwhand and place your pointer finger inside the loop that is on your non-throwhand pointer finger. Keep your non-throwhand pointer finger in there and roll the yo-yo in a complete circle and roll towards your non-throwhand side. Swing it around twice finally landing it on the front string. This should place you in a Triple or Nothing.
  Drop off your throwhand pointer finger, roll out into trapeze and dismount.

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