YoYoJam DarkMagic
Bucket Hops Via Whip Formation
Throw a Trapeze. Swing the yo-yo off the trapeze and over your throwhand to create a loop of string. Grip this loop and whip it towards your non-throwhand.
Point the thumb and pointer fingers of your non-throwhand towards the loop being whipped over. As soon as you are able to grab the loop swing the yo-yo up and into the middle string hanging. You should now be in a Drop in the Bucket mount.
  Now that you are in the mount use your non-throwhand to pop the yo-yo into the air, and use your throwhand to help guide it back down into the string. These motions are very similar to small Eli Hops.
Note:You can skip steps 2 and 3 by doing the regular Drop in the Bucket mount.
  To end pop the yo-yo into the air, drop the Bucket Mount, and land into a Trapeze. Return the yo-yo to your hand.

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