YoYoJam DarkMagic
And Whut?
Start with a Houdini Drop as was explained in Kamikaze, but bring your finger around the yo-yo to create an extra string wrap around it.
Drop the string of your pointer and undo the wrap simultaneously, you want to try and do this smoothly. Bring the yo-yo over your throwhand and push the throwhand into the string causing the yo-yo to go into the string and end on the opposite side of your non-throwhand.
  Push your non-throwhand into the string and the yo-yo should pop out the front side of the string.
  Curve your pointer finger in towards yourself and pull the string in. Push the yo-yo directly into the string.
  Grab the string closest to the yo-yo and pull away from your throwhand, while also untwisting the pointer finger of your throwhand. Pop the yo-yo from the back onto the top string.
  Swing the yo-yo around and over your throwhand, landing it under as in White Buddha.
  Jump the yo-yo straight up and bring your hands up and under the yo-yo. (See View 2)
  Swing the yo-yo over towards your non-throwhand side. Drop the string off your non-throwhand pointer finger.
  Jump the string from the back onto the top string, land back into Trapeze to any dismount.

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