YoYoJam DarkMagic
Start with a Double or Nothing but instead of going around the pointer finger of your non-throwhand, go around the thumb. This is called a "Houdini Drop" (because if you drop your thumb you are back in trapeze.)Pop yo-yo upwards towards the top string and let go of the the string hanging off your thumb at the same time. This should put you in somthing similar to the Mach 5 hold.
Swing the yo-yo over your throwhand and around onto the back string.
  Pull in your non-throwhand pointer finger and pop the yo-yo in front of the strings and land it on top of all the strings.
  Drop off your throwhand pointer and roll towards your non-throwhand. You will be back in a trapeze, but you want to continue the motion and perform a Magic Drop as described in Shockwave. (You want to try and make it one fluent motion.)
  Roll the yo-yo towards your throwhand side into the string, undo it missing the string and land completely back around on the other side. Then undo it again finally landing it back into a Trapeze.
  Any dismount or flyaway dismount as seen in the video.

Download Video (Right Click-Save Target As)