YoYoJam DarkMagic
Yuuki Slack
Start with a Trapeze.
Pinch the string between your non-throwhand thumb and pointer finger. Use that pinch to spin the yo-yo clockwise around. As you do so the loop of the string should follow the yo-yo around. As it does bring your throwhand pointer finger in towards the loop. This will make the loop bigger and allow you to catch it with your pointer finger.
  You should be in something similar to a Double or Nothing with the string over yout non-throwhand wrist. Jump the yo-yo off the string it is landed on and bring it up and underneath.
  As you hit the string underneath pinch the string again between your thumb and pointer finger of your non-throwhand. Continue the same swining motion, letting go of the string from your throwhand and allowing it to spin around again. After the yo-yo has made two full rotations around insert your throwhand pointer finger back into the string.
  Without stopping let the yo-yo roll out and back over your non-throwhand pointer. As soon as it hits the string pinch.
  Allow to rotate again, twice around before reinserting your throwhand pointer finger. (Repeat trick however many times you want, then move to Step 7.)
  You again will be in something similar to a Double or Nothing. Any dismount.

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