As You Will Notice MasterMagic.NET utilizes the Quicktime Player for all Trick Videos, the reason being that Quicktime allows you to stop streaming video frame by frame. This allows you to slow the video down to a speed that is best for you to learn from. If you do not have the quicktime plugin you will be requested to download it.
Or Download Here

If you are having difficutly with the quicktime player, below each trick description is a link to save the video onto your hard drive in MPEG format.
Just right-click and save target as.

You will also notice that below each Trick Video there is a list of numbers followed by instructions. All trick videos on MasterMagic.NET have been broken down into steps. This makes it much easier to learn tricks.

Take a minute to observe the layout below of MasterMagic.NET's Trick Video Player and enjoy watching and learning!

Trick Step Number Shows The Step Of Trick Currently Playing
Play Starts The Video
View From Front Default View
First Person View View Over Shoulder Note: Not Every Trick Has One.
Scroll Through Movie Drag To Jump Through The Video
Rewind Frame-By-Frame Rewinds The Video Backwards By Frame (Easier To Learn)
Forward Frame-By-Frame Plays The Move Forward Frame By Frame