YoYoJam DarkMagic
Gyroscopic Flop
Start with a strong Sleeper. It is important to have the yo-yo spinning fast and straight for this trick.
It is recommended that you learn Plastic Whip for this first mount. As seen in the video the string is layed over your thumb just as if you were going to perform a plastic whip, but instead do it in midair, while holding the yo-yo up with your non-throwhand.
  Once the string has been whipped onto the yo-yo grip it hard with all four fingers of your throwhand. Pull in towards your self and just a little towards your non-throwhand side. The yo-yo will rotate in a circle. Try and keep the string dead center in the gap, while slightly moving the string with it as it spins.

To dismount is a little different. You can actually use the spin of the yo-yo for this. As you finish the trick, look straight down into the gap of the yo-yo to see where the string is. Pull the throwhand with string towards the side of the yo-yo that it is on. The spin of the yo-yo pulls the yo-yo right out of the mount and you can then return it to your hand.
Note: You can also count how many times the yo-yo went around to figure out which side to pull the string. If it went around an even amount of half turns then you can safely pull towards your throwhand side to dismount.

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