YoYoJam DarkMagic
Start with a one and a half mount as in Buddha's Revenge.
Just as you are going into the one and a half mount pinch the string with your throwhand just above the yo-yo itself. As you pinch allow the yo-yo to swing in the direction it was swinging when you went into the one and a half mount. By pinching a loop should be created that will follow the yo-yo around as you swing it. The first swing goes on the far side of your body, and the second goes on the inside of your arm.
Note: It is very important to do this in one general motion in order to create the proper loop.
  Continue swining in then out, and in then out for as many times as you wish.
  On one last spin to the outside bring your non-throwhand pointer finger in towards the loop and stop the rotation of the yo-yo. This should bring you back into a one and a half mount which you can then return to your hand with any dismount.

Download Video (Right Click-Save Target As)