YoYoJam DarkMagic
Trap Whip and Reverse Trap Whip
Start with a Breakaway.
Point the index finger of your non-throwhand straight out. Make a quick swinging motion with your throwhand towards that pointer finger. As the yo-yo shoots up a loop of string should swing up and under the pointer finger. The closer to the pointer finger you are, the more likely the loop will swing around and hook onto the yo-yo.
  To dismount swing the yo-yo towards your non-throwhand side (counter clockwise) once, then use your non-throwhand to unwrap the extra string wrap on the yo-yo and swing back into a regular Trapeze.
  From the Trapeze, hop the yo-yo into the air, and in a reverse circular motion from Step 2, shoot your throwhand towards your non-throwhand pointer. Again a loop of string should swing out and over the pointer finger this time, catching the yo-yo in the reverse way from last time.
  To dismount swing the yo-yo in the opposite direction from Step 3 (Clockwise) and as you do so let the yo-yo pass over your throwhand to undo the wrap. From here return the yo-yo to your hand.

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