YoYoJam DarkMagic
Trapeze to Triangle / Whip to Triangle
Start with a Trapeze.
Swing your throwhand in towards your non-throwhand to create a loop of string that comes over towards the yo-yo. Just after you swing the string, bring your throwhand up and close to your non-throwhand. What this does is allow the whipped loop of string to fall over the string attached to your throwhand, and then catch the yo-yo.
  Drop all of the strings except for your thumb and you should find yourself in a Triangle hold. To release the yo-yo pop it out on the side away from your body and land back onto the string.
  Drop the yo-yo off the string and let hang down. This time you are going to make a whipping motion towards your pointer finger. Use the same motion from Step 2 to bring the loop of string over the attached string just before it whips the yo-yo. You should be left with a Triangle mount hanging off your pointer finger.
  Again pop the yo-yo out on the side away from your body, land back onto the string and return to your hand.

Download Video (Right Click-Save Target As)