YoYoJam DarkMagic
Hour Glass
Start with a one and a half mount.
Just as in And Whut? swing the yo-yo over towards your non-throwhand, and let it fall out towards the front of the string. The exception this time is instead of landing the yo-yo into the string, pull your non-throwhand in and create a loop of string held by your thumb and fingers.
  Using your throwhand manuever the yo-yo onto the far string being held by your non-throwhand fingers.
  Again using your throwhand guide the yo-yo into the open loop of string held by your non-throwhand, allow to swing around and land back where it originally was.
  Then simply undo exactly what you did in Step 4, going backwards through the triangle, and do an extra spin towards the front before landing back where it originally was. If done correctly this will look very smooth.
  Repeat Step 4.
  Repeat Step 5.
  Swing the yo-yo off the string, dropping everything off your hands and return the yo-yo to a Trapeze. Return to your hand.

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