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Ladder Escape
The mount for this trick is commonly referred to as a "Ladder Mount."
Start with a movement similar to a Double or Nothing, but as you would come around your throwhand pointer finger, swing the yo-yo towards the back and around. As you do this it is important to twist your pointer finger down and in towards yourself to undo the loop of string around it.
Continue swinging the yo-yo up and over to your pointer finger. Swing the yo-yo back off the string, holding onto the string it was just on between your middle and index finger.
  Using your pointer and thumb of your throwhand bring the yo-yo up and down into the little area of string being held open, and swing the yo-yo back and onto the string hanging from your non-throwhand middle finger.
  Pop the yo-yo off the string, and swing around to land on the string hanging off your throwhand pointer finger. As soon as it lands drop all of the strings off your non-throwhand.
  Swing the yo-yo back over your non-throwhand pointer finger. Drop the string off your thumb and and then reinsert it from underneath. Using your wrist take the loop and swing it up and back over, again grab that with your thumb and hold open.
  Swing the yo-yo through the open loop two times then bring your non-throwhand pointer finger under the yo-yo and pinch the string with your middle finger.
  Position the loop being held with your throwhand thumb and then let drop and swing down into the gap of the yo-yo. As soon as it hits the yo-yo release the pinch between your non-throwhand pointer and middle finger and allow the yo-yo to fall into the triangle being held with your thumb.
  Pop the yo-yo out of the triangle towards the front back into a Trapeze, and reutrn to your hand.

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