YoYoJam DarkMagic
Whip To Slack
Start with a Breakaway. As if you were going to whip the string into the yo-yo, swing your throwhand and bring the yo-yo into the air.
It is recommended that you learn Yuuki's Slack Trick before attempting this trick. As you swing the yo-yo up, pinch the yo-yo string with your non-throwhand relatively close to the yo-yo and proceed to spin the yo-yo into the hanging string. Continue around an extra rotation just as in Yuuki's Slack trick.
  Again, just as in Yuuki's slack unmount the yo-yo and swing back around, but this time you can allow it to completely swing around to bring it back onto the string.
  Again, this is similar to Yuuki's Slack Trick, so pinch with your non-throwhand and spin around in the opposite rotation from Step 2.
  You should end this in a Double or Nothing. Any dismount.

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